Public safety

Crime scene information capture

Too often, contamination of a crime scene becomes the weakest link in crime scene investigation. Deploying the Autel Evo II sUAS system prior to entering a scene allows for accurate capture of data without touching the scene itself, with robust metadata reporting both thermal and visible. The Evo II Dual pixel-matched thermal and visible/RGB FOV enables evidence-gathering to be analyzed without time-consuming lens corrections. This is also the ideal overwatch UA, with quiet operation and long battery life with low noise and high sensitivity in night-flight environments.


With the most accurate YXZ positioning of any unmanned aircraft in-clase, the Autel EVOII Pro and EVO II Dual are an investigator’s best friend when it comes to documenting scenes, creating orthomaps, accurately measuring objects, areas, and evidence in the digital realm. Coupled with Pix4DReact, investigators can complete preliminary reports on-scene with the Pix4DReact reporting tools.

  • Superior image quality in low-and limited-lighting conditions
  • Adaptability and versatility for every lighting environment
  • Post-Production Flexibility
  • 4K HDR
  • 360°Obstacle Avoidance
  • Dynamic Track 2.0
Accident scene reconstruction

EVO II’s dual IMU allow for accuracy not found in any competitive-class aircraft. Coupled with other investigative tools such as an RTK capture system, sub-centimeter accuracy is acheivable on typical crash scenes, enabling investigators to verify object size, distance, volumetrics, area scale, tire markings, and other relevant elements.


The Autel Evo II airframe in combination with the Autel Evo II Pro 1-inch high resolution gimbal-stabilized camera empowers Law Enforcement and Firefighters to quickly document a scene in 2D or 3D, for later assembly of data for court appearances, reporting, or archiving. With tools such as PhotoModeler® or Pix4DMapper®, incident scenes may be rapidly captured and cleared, saving time, cost, and department resources.

  • The FLIR Boson provides greater resolution than any camera in its class.
  • Maximum efficiency in all viewing conditions.
  • Picture-in-Picture Mode.
  • 8K allows even the smallest detail to be captured and preserved.
  • 360°Obstacle Avoidance.
Not only are unmanned aircraft well-suited for area overwatch, the tracking feature found in the EVO II Explorer allows a subject to be tapped, and the aircraft will follow, enabling a command post, officer, or other relevant individuals to follow the movements of a person of interest when necessary. With mapping features and telemetry recording, officers can reproduce the movements of the aircraft in a broad variety of software applications.


  • Life in 33 Million Pixels
  • Capture Every Detail
  • 10-битный HDR видео режим
  • 4K, 10-BIT HDR
  • 360° Obstacle Avoidance