EVO II Enterprise

EVO II Enterprise

work like never before

work like never before

Optimize your workflow with our toughest EVO II yet, bulked up with accessories and camera features to meet the demands of professionals in every industry from firefighting to construction. With foldable design that can be deployed in seconds and easy-to-use controls that can be operated with a single hand, the EVO II Enterprise provides a surefire way to increase efficiency without increasing stress.
16x Digital Zoom
8-muile HD Transmission
Modular Accessories

Centimerer-level Positioning with RTK

ADS-B Receiver
3600 Obstacle Avoidace



20MP 1″CMOS Sensor

3x Lossless 16x Digital Zoom Capability

Adjustable Aperture Range of f2.8 to f11

Dual Camera

640*512 Thermal Imaging Sensor

48MP Visual Camera

Multiple Display Modes: Visual, Thermal, Picture-in-Picture


Public Safety
Assess threats from a safe distance or patrol an area during an investigation, freeing up manpower for other tasks.
Soar above the flames to identify hotspots, locate victims, and monitor changing conditions, reducing the risk for crew members on the ground.
Traffic Supervision
Monitor traffic flow over a larger area and crack down on traffic violations to improve safety for everyone on the road.
Search and Rescue
Quickly locate missing persons by using automated mission modes to cover larger search areas in situations where every second counts.
Power Inspection
Zip between power lines to quickly spot structural damage or overheating electrical elements, saving time and labor costs.
Create cost-effective 3D maps of an area using high-resolution images captured during steady, consistent flight.

Multiple Temperature Measurement Modes

EVO II Dual 640T Enterprise has built-in infrared sensors and high-speed processors, provides a variety of temperature measurement functions, easy to interpret temperature data

Spot Temperature Measurement

Displays the temperature of a selected object with just a tap of the screen.

Regional Temperature Measurement

Displays the maximum, minimum, and average temperature of a selected area.

Central Temperature Measurement

Displays the temperature in the center area of the screen.

Temperature Alarm

Alerts the user when the temperature of an area reaches a predetermined threshold.


Detects any objects within a specified temperature range.

Image Enhancement

Allows the user to abjust image brightness, contrast, and image details in real time.

Powerful Telephoto Zoom

Collect high-definition images from a safe distance with 16x digital zoom that supports 4x lossless zoom (EVO II Dual 640T Enterprise) or 3x lossless zoom (EVO II Dual Enterprise)

Mission Versatility

With an expanded selection of accessories at its disposal, the EVO II Enterprise can evolve from a simple imaging tool to a multifunctional flight plstform that can adapt to different scnarios.



Enables more effective on-site communication through long-distance telephony and audio loops.


Beams a powerful, long-distance aerial light when searching or shooting at night.


Indicate the location of the aircraft at night to avoid air traffic accidents.

RTK Module (Optional)

Provides centimeter-accurate positioning data and reduces electromagnetic interference

ADS-B Reveiver

Detects the presence of any manned aircraft nearby emittingan ADS-B signal? giving the operator enough time to take evasive measures to avoid mid-air collisions.

3600 Obstacle Avoidance

Easily maneuver around obstacles, plan paths through complex terrain, or build three-dimensional maps using the 19 sets of sensors covering the airframe/

Predictive Target Tracking

Lock to an object moving at speed and predict its trajectory with ease, or use the eye in the sky to identify up to 64 objects at once.

Reliable Data Encryption

Protect sensitive information through encrypted internal and external storage, allowing users to work with confidence.

Superior Flight Performance

The EVO II Enterprise’s flight performance has been fully optimized thanks to its new power system and carbon fiber structural design/ Equipped with an industry-leading dual-frequency image transmission system, the unit also provides stronger anti-interference capabilities and stable transmission of high-defintion images up to 1080p.


42Min Max Flight Time

max Transmission Range

Max Speed

38mph(17m/s) Max
Wind Resistance

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